National Geo Kids

Get your first National Geo Kids Pleybox for $10

Each month surprises with a mission to rescue an endangered animal in a new part of the world. Box includes curated activities and accessories to complete
the adventure. Ages 5-11.Each box provides 5-10 hours of learning, creativity and pure fun!

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How It Works – A mystery box filled with unique items that teach about animals, nature and our world. Travel to new countries every month and rescue an extinct animal while having fun!

 A New Mission – Every box takes our kids to a new country and teaches about its unique animals.

Physical & Digital Learning – Solve the mission with items in the box. Want more fun? Login to mission control center and get educational games,animal videos and sounds.

Cancel Anytime – You can cancel online anytime or skip a month.

* These items are only representative, box contents vary every time.